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The donation that keeps on giving

This is a donation that keeps donating. Many small non-profits, like ourselves, do not have the capital to put into raising funds. They are simply scraping through trying to raise enough money to cover their basic running expenses. It’s much easier to fund raise with a fund raising budget than to try and do it with no money.
The Pay it Forward Donation is an opportunity for small non-profits to have the capital to put into raising funds.

How it works: the donor gives us a Pay it Forward Donation. We have 3 months to use that donation to raise funds. We get to keep the funds we’ve raised using the Pay it Forward Donation but hand over the Pay it forward Donation to another small, struggling non-profit of our choice and they get to do the same with the money before paying it forward and so it continues in this fashion with each non-profit having the use of the Pay it Forward donation for 3 months. This way the donation keeps donating.

The Pay it Forward Donation must be a minimum of R5000

Donors may name their Pay it Forward Donation e.g. Jack’s Pay it Forward Donation.

Donors may specify the type of cause their donation is for if they so wish e.g. animals only.

The Pay it Forward Donations will be displayed on our website: it will track which organizations have had the donation and how much money they were able to make from the Pay it Forward Donation and which organization currently has the donation.

There are no guarantees that a non-profit is not going to lose part or all of the donation in their efforts to fundraise. They will not be held liable for this, the Pay it Forward Donation will simply be smaller or disappear and the non-profit will have learnt something about how not to raise funds.

The idea is to assist non-profits in their efforts to fundraise.
It will encourage them to think outside the box on ways to raise funds, because they don’t get to keep the Pay it Forward Donation they are more likely to “risk” the money on a big or crazy fund raising idea than they would normally.

                Its one donation that is given again and again and can help so many.
Should you wish to make a Pay it Forward Donation please
contact Jane 082 457 7297 or Faunce 082 851 6570
or drop us an email